Beyond the fog there is clarity…

… yet one does not need clarity to see how beautiful Richmond Park is.

As the colours of the Autumn faded and the winter set in it was time to see a whole different kind of beauty in the park. My favourite time to explore the park, of course, is at dawn. The quiet, almost eerie feel of solitude that early in the morning is both inspiring and calming in equal measures.

The sun rays through the fog and the silhouettes of the trees are divine. I admit, the coffee and burger in the middle of the park are just as lovely after the freezing cold hr or so spent scouting for the best photo positions of the day.

Although my photographs aren’t always directly taken with my assignments in mind I do try to relate them to improving, practicing and learning new skills with every shoot. In this occasion for example, I was thinking about what we covered in the first term which was all about  ‘Les Based Image Making’ and ‘People and the Environment’


Because the pictures were taken during the sunrise I had to adjust the settings as the light changed. A little post-editing in Camera Raw helped bring out the colours and sharpness to the shots.

Richmond Park remains one of my favourite places to be, to photograph and to remember.

Thanks for reading,

Mrs T,  x