Bowling and Making Memories

After much to and fro the young cousins finally got a chance to go bowling together. It turns out we had booked the lane for the morning but turned up at 7pm hoping to play a game. Needless to say all lanes were fully booked and we had no option but to play arcade games and bleed money until our table was ready in the near by restaurant… it’s fair to say it would have been much cheaper to stick with the bowling!

Whilst the adults stood by with open purses, I took out my camera and started shooting the kids. The light was very poor, the colours were changing all the time and I wasn’t sure how exactly my photos would turn out but I was encouraged by the fact that I bought my Canon 7D MKii because:

a) it performs well under bad light conditions

b) it is the preferred choice for sports photography and moving subjects

c) great ISO


All in all, the night went well and the restaurant was ‘trashed’ by the little people who, by then, were hungry, tired and over excited… what a combination!

As for me, this was an important evening to capture. This was the first time all cousins were together and i have no idea when this might happen again. Whilst my photos weren’t perfect I feel I managed to register some great smiles and put a great big fat deposit in the Bank of Childhood Memories.

From a technical standpoint, most of these images were taken with f/4 aperture, 1/1250 shutter speed and ISO 16000. I am not sure I would have been able to capture these precious moments with lower ISO or smaller aperture.

The downside of choosing such settings was a fair amount of noise in my images, of course. But with a little adjusting in Camera Raw I was happy to select the images above. All of which, depicts the essence of a memorable evening … memorable in more ways then one!

One final thing to add is that i deliberately shot in JPeg (not in raw) so I could take full advantage of my camera’s high speed shooting mode.

I can’t wait for a repeat of last night… oh, wait I can!