Happiness is a warm puppy…

… said Charles M. Schulz, and oh boy was he right!

I must confess, I was instrumental in convincing a friend to get a puppy. When my friend had to go out this week I was just as instrumental in convincing her that the puppy needed looking after and I was the right person for the job. Puppy-girl is called Storm.

I really wanted to photograph Storm (the puppy) with a few different lenses and try something different. Armed with a few props, Christmas dog costumes, plenty of treats and lenses, of course, off I went.


My own puppy is a year old now and I had totally forgotten how little they are at 8-weeks. The props we too big, the costume was too big and she was just too adorably playful to stand still.

On a more technical level, the indoor light was pretty poor and, since it was raining, going outside in the garden was out of the question.

The puppy was sooooo full of energy! She never stopped playing which meant using a slow shutter speed to get a better exposure was out of the question. Using the flash spooked her so I  chose to change the exposure composition and adjusted my settings as I went along.

Overall the photos turned out ok… Especially after Storm got tired and calmed down a bit.

Going back to our Lens Based Image Making lessons, it’s fair to say my nifty-fifty came in handy when making these images. The aperture worked really well when fully opened and let plenty of light in with that gorgeous soft background we all know and love in both people and pet portraiture.

I also tried photographing Storm with my 18-55 kit lens and a high definition filter. I wasn’t quite so enamored with the result. There was too much distortion, which is to be expected from the kit lens anyway.

I can’t wait to babysit her again!

Thanks for reading,

Paula, x