Kitchen Exposed

One of the reasons why I got into photography was to shoot interiors and I was overjoyed when asked to photograph this beautiful kitchen.

After my initial delight, doubts began so set in… how was I going to get the correct exposure? Did I have the right equipment? What is the best time of the day to capture interiors? Natural light vs artificial light usually results in my worse nightmare but I was not going to let the opportunity slip away so I put away my fears and set off.

Lucky for me, it was a dull day and I didn’t have to worry too much about the natural light. I was also relieved to find the surfaces were mat instead of the usual, all too popular, high gloss often associated with modern kitchens.


To make sure I got consistent results I ran a series of shots before setting my Manual Mode. Eventually I settled for f/stop between f8 to f14 depending on the angle. I decided I would change my shutter speed slightly depending on which way I was shooting (I used shutter speeds 1/4 to 1/60 sec.). I applied the same principle to the ISO and set it between 200 to 800 adjusting as I went along.

All in all, the client (Richmond Kitchens) was delighted and asked if I’d be interested being their photographer… guess what I replied?

With kitchens this beautiful, how could I possibly say no?

Richmond Kitchens were delighted with their photos, the client is delighted with her kitchen and I’m happy to have worked with both of them.

Happy days 🙂