Easy like Sunday Morning

For years now I have been getting up at the crack of dawn wherever I am around the world just to watch the sunrise. This morning I decided it was high time I watched the sunrise in my own backyard so I woke up really early and headed for Sawyers Hill, in Richmond Park.

I love Richmond Park all year round but even more so at this time of the year. The rutting season runs from September to November during which time the parks comes alive. Being there at dawn reminded me of Jurassic Park! The calling of the deers came from all directions and I was half expecting to see a T-Rex jump out of hiding 🙂

The Darling and I had plenty to enjoy. The golden light was glorious and the animals were very active near Pen Ponds, I guess one can’t beat the waterhole!

I even managed to photograph two deers locking horns! The larger male won the fight but lost an antler, I wanted to pick it up but there was NO WAY I was going to get in the middle of them!

I had to try a few different settings, different shutter speeds and different aperture. It was certainly challenging to adjust to moving subjects and light conditions.

Loved my Sunday Morning tho  🙂


Oh deer!

The Darling and I were both taken by surprise in Richmond Park yesterday. We when out hoping to shoot some deers and ended up shooting more than we bargained for.

Some called it ‘nature’ others said it was ‘mating’. Personally, I feel that, although not the kind of shot I went out, it was just a lucky shot. I had pressed the Shutter button just in time to capture nature doing what nature does!

This time I took my tripod and can see how much sharper the images are.

Unfortunately it was an overcast afternoon. Imagine how beautiful these would have been under the golden light of a late afternoon? I will just have to go back and give it another try.

Overall the images are fairly ordinary, apart from the mating shot of course, but I’m still pleased with it.