An otterly wonderful day out

It is no secret that photographing wildlife is one of my favourite things in the whole world. I loved spending time watching London Wetlands Center resident otters. There are so full of character and charm, so playful and so fast too!

It was a rather dull, overcast day and I nearly shot on Aperture Priority but decided I was going to try my luck with Manual and set my shutter speed at 1/400, my aperture at f/11 but left my ISO in Auto as the clouds were moving and the light changing all the time.

The Instructor of the group was so knowledgeable in both the technicalities of photography as well as wildlife… It turns out he works with National Geographic!!!

Once we were done photographing the otters, we went over our photographs to discuss what we could have done better, etc etc and practiced a bit more on the abundance of wildlife around.

There were plenty of birds to shoot from Egyptian Ducks to Cranes. What a great day.

I’m now waiting for the weather to get a tad better so I can visit Bird World!

Paula, x


Super Sunday

A couple of weeks ago I knew it was going to be the coldest weekend so far this winter but I had to go and see the sunrise, the mist and the frozen landscape once again. And I’m so pleased I did.

To be honest, I shot mainly in Aperture Priority and even put the ISO on Auto at times because, when it came to it, the sun was rising so fast, the geese flying over the pond unexpectedly I felt I didn’t have time to mess with the settings of my camera.

The only change I made was changing lenses. I started using my faithful 24-105mm but also tried a few shots with my Canon 70-300mm (that’s how I got to shoot the grey heron sitting on the frozen pond).

Although I detest the cold, I simply adore the winter landscape too much to stay in my lovely warm bed on Sunday Mornings… especially if I know it’s going to be a clear day.

The coffee and delicious (though pricey) burger at Pen Pond Cafe gets me every time too, it’s yummy!

If you plan to do the same I strongly recommend you take 2 pairs of gloves, wear thick socks, hat, scarf, bring a tripod and cash for snacks and a hot drink.

See you in the park 🙂

Winter Wonderland

For years I heard of Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. This year I finally visited on New Years Eve and it was awesome!

Yes it was beyond expensive, it was extortionate! Day light robbery! But it was New Year’s eve and the perfect way to end 2016 on a high… literally!

As far as photography is concerned, the weather wasn’t brilliant but once it got dark I was seduced by the twinkly lights, the beer and the dizzying height of the rides. I shot mainly in Aperture Priority without high expectations though was pleasantly surprised when I got home.

It’s was great fun. My son even won a 2kg chocolate bar.


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