Level 3

Assignment 1: People And The Environment

The Concept:


Kingston Royal Marine Cadets Detachment

My mind is trying to wonder but keeps coming back to the same place. The scope of exploring the theme of ‘People and the Environment’ is almost overwhelming to me but one thing I keep thinking of is how a huge section of our youth lacks structure, discipline and direction in taking their future into their own hands.

Is this the outcome of over-protective parenting? Or is it the fruit of busy parents trying to be ‘liked’ and ‘understanding’ with their children by letting them do what they like?

As a parent myself, I have decided to explore this theme and have decided to use Cadets at the  Kingston Royal Marine Detachment as my ‘willing’ subjects because I too might be over-protective with my kids.

Over the next few weeks, I will be photographing the Cadets and the environment that shapes them into strong minded young men ready to take their adult place in our society.

“Why photograph the Cadets?” I hear you cry. Because all too often Cadets have complex backgrounds and are a by product of the environment they are brought up in. Being a Royal Marine Cadet gives them structure, discipline and focus in an otherwise turbulent time in their lives, they are after all aged between 13 and 18 years old – I’m sure we all remember how tricky it was to navigate our own teenage years!

The Royal Marine Cadets Parading for Prince Phillip. Canon 10-18mm, f/11, 1/250, ISO400

For some of these youngsters, being a Royal Marine Cadet means they can ‘belong’, be part of a team of equals, strive for a better way of life and receive the recognition they long for and deserve. Some of these kids will go on to join our Armed Forces whilst others will leave aged 18 with a set of skills they would not have had otherwise. Skills such as punctuality, taking responsibility for one’s actions, being part of a team and how one’s action will impact the performance of the entire team. By the time they leave, these young Cadets will have been part of the Royal Marine Cadet family for a number of years and many come back later in life to volunteer as instructors.

They may leave the Kingston Royal Marine Cadets Detachment, but they never leave the Kingston Royal Marine Cadets Family.





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