Time-Lapse in search of transformation

Time was ticking, my assignment deadline was approaching and I still couldn’t shake off the persistent idea of the modern day woman transforming on a daily basis… maybe the modern day men transform too?

I was still undecided when we had a lesson on time-lapse and, for those who know me well, it is no surprise I did a sunset time-lapse, a sunrise time-lapse (it didn’t work that well). This exercise allowed me to explore aspects of photography in a way i had never done before, including a whole new technical side to my camera I never knew!

Sure I enjoyed doing time-lapse but it was at this point I realised the ‘Transformation’ I wanted for my assignment was not quite of this kind.

Attempt 1:

At first I went to Isabella Plantation as I adore watching the various ducks, waterfowls returning to the water at first light. To my disappointment there were more tourists and dog walkers than ducks at the Still Pond on this particular Sunday… a total joy for People Watching!

Attempt 2:

Determined to let no one spoil my fun this time round, I left home just before dawn and went to Hampton Court Bridge. I parked by the Palace and waited for the sun to make an appearance. I never tire of watching the miracle that is the sunrise, something I have been doing since I was a very young child.

The first time I saw the sun rising was on a road trip with my father. He died shortly after and I guess seeing the sunrise brings me that little closer to him.

It turns out the weather wasn’t quite as clear as I had wanted but there was something moody about this time-lapse. I was quite surprised to see how much the boat moves. Love the clouds too!

Attempt 3:

For this time-lapse I did want people. I wanted to see how they enjoy Richmond Hill at the end of the day. I was also hoping to capture a beautiful sky, the motion of the river, the clouds and hopefully a boat or too.

In the end, I didn’t do too badly and was rather pleased BUT the little voice in my head still whispered ‘women, daily transformation, societal expectations’ and that is when I knew it was time to go back to my initial idea.

I’m ready to take on my final task.

Paula, x



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