Transformation – Initial Research

There are many ways in which to depict Transformation in Photography. Some catalogue it as Time Lapse (see video below) whilst others use Photoshop to transform images and make some amazing digital pieces of art.

Bruno Metra and Laurence Jeanson choose to use mixed medium to create such transformations in their ID Series to highlight that ‘Real faces and Photoshop don’t mix’.

Their article got me thinking about how many of us often see ourselves in a very different way from how we are perceived by others. For those suffering with mental illnesses for example (anything from depression to bulimia to multiple personality disorder) this can be particularly true.

Given that last week was Mental Illness Awareness Week I decided to do my bit and look into how I can use my project to capture Mental Illnesses using Photography.  I haven’t decided on a concept yet but am considering using digital technology (Layers in Photoshop). The only problem with that is my limited knowledge of Photoshop.

Perhaps I should stick to Multiple Exposure instead! Here’s my first try.

Many Me1






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