Still Life – The Final Take

Having gone around in circles trying to come up with a worthy Still Life shoot I was a bit disappointed with my initial choices – Vintage Traveler below, my O’Keeffee-esque (previous post) and a few others I won’t bother to show you.



I felt I needed to carry on researching and that is when I came across the work of Jos Van Riswick – a self-taught Dutch painter inspired by great old masters like Rembrandt and Heda, but also inspired by new realists such as Dick Ket, Jan Mankes and Henk Helmantel.

Riswick follows the traditional methods of painting to make sure his work has that ‘oldie’ feeling. He paints mainly portraits and still life.

Image result for jos van riswick

Because his work is so precise and yet so simple I decided I’d set up my Still Life Scene using simple props, simple subjects and mix a few different textures.  The lighting at the college studio did wonders for my shoot too 🙂

At first we tried to set the light falling on the right and left side of my set but I didn’t think it captured the mood, the shadows I was looking for. We then turned off the light to the right of the set, turned down the power and also carefully positioned the light stand to mimic the light one would naturally get by the window.

It was exactly what I was looking for. The shadows fell in a way that it added to the mood of the shoot without making the set look too dark.

Here are some of my final studio pictures.

I’m not sure yet which one I will select as my final choice, perhaps my classmates help me with that.

Paula, x




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