When life hands you… cabbages

Since our lesson last week I have been thinking about classical still paintings (yes Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, Cezanne’s fruits, etc) but have also tried to look for more contemporary inspiration and that’s when I came across Marwane Pallas‘ Doctrine of Signature.

Marwane Pallas is a self-taught French photographer who does mainly self portraits… and they are extraordinary! Perhaps as with many artists, he is not for every one but he is surely different.

Being himself the model and the ‘shooter’, Pallas’ aims to depict the folk medicine of the middles ages associated with herbalist and wise women. I admit it requires a moment of reflection to understand the symbolism of his photos.

With his photos in mind (and a glass or two of wine in hand) I decided to play with the idea of naked bodies and vegetables. Whilst I was ‘prompted’ by Pallas’ work I was determined to add a hint of fun and laughter with my photos. to be fair, I had a great time 🙂



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