Classical Portrait or is it?

Again, during last week’s lesson I started to think about all the things we discussed, the ideas we swapped, etc. etc. We were covering studio photography and had the studio set up… it then got me thinking about my assign and i found myself thinking ‘what if Mona Lisa had been Brazilian’?!  What would have have wore? Would she have given Leonardo Da Vinci that famous ‘mysterious smile’ or would it have been a smile full of mischief?

That thought stayed with me for so long that I coudn’t resist getting my empty, gold guilded frame out for a play.

Unfortunately I don’t have studio lights at home but it was raining and I figured I’d have a practice run at home and do the ‘real shoot’ at college the following week.

Mmmm I’m not convinced Da Vinci would have been impressed with my version of ‘La Gioconda’. I’ll try again next week when I’m back in class and my friends can assist me.




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