Lens Based Image Making

What exactly does it mean?

Strictly speaking, lens based image making is the process of making an image using a lens. This could be any method from Pinhole Photography to digital SLR, Camera Obscura, video or simply using different focal lengths.


For this project, I plan to explore the various methods of image making and hope to select a couple of ways to develop my own Lens Based Image. I shall start making images with my own iPhone.

Lens Based Image Making with an iPhone:

In short… this is not for me. I went to Richmond Park today armed with my iPhone and made a real point of leaving my DSLR at home. The deers were so vocal, the day was so beautiful and the golden light just before sunset was perfect but I feel my iPhone photos didn’t do justice to the beautiful afternoon I experienced today. Whilst it is great to have a camera phone at any time (no extra equipment to carry, no tripod, no extra bag), it is also limiting and I found that for this particular project I can and want to do plenty more.

The next step for me, as far as equipment is concerned, will be to take photographs with different focal lenses and compare to see just how different the images will be.

P1, P2



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