A long overdue visit to the Tate Modern

kashmira1I was very torn between visiting the Tate Modern or going to work today. I threw caution to the wind and headed for the Tate and I’m glad I did.

I could, of course, write thousands of words describing how amazing the Tate was and why you should visit it. Truth be told, I have nothing to add. Yes, the place is amazing, yes the collections are fantastic and the views of London’s skyline are spectacular. That said, nothing I can say will do justice to it. I will just have to go back again and again and again. You should do.

With so much to see and to take photos of I sure was spoilt for choice so I set my camera to Aperture Priority and started snapping. Once I got home and edited my photos I realised that the shots I like the most are hardly of the Tate at all. My favourite photo is of my friend on the 10th floor admiring the view. She was unaware of my snapping away which maybe adds to the  somewhat dark and deep mood of the shot. This photograph just had to be in Black & White.

Beirut Rubber Mat1.jpgAnother intriguing shot is one I took picturing the people/feet passing by the Beirut Rubber Mat. I kept thinking how incredible it was that we could see the entire mat of Beirut right there by our feet. It was a sensory experience and I wonder how many people walk over it every day without realising what it is.

I would love to see a rubber map of London too.

As for the rest of my time there, we went there to the the Georgia O’Keeffe Exhibition and it did not disappoint. Personally, I loved her early and late work best. Her talent was evident and her later work although decades old remain very current indeed.

What a fab day 🙂



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