The football season is here…

And so is the hockey season, the rowing season and every other season one can think of.

The good news is that I can practice fast shutter speeds by shooting moving subjects rather than selfie-induced duck faces. The bad news is that, as it gets cold and the days that much shorter, shooting outdoor events becomes rather wet, windy, cold and generally unpleasant.

I figured today was going to be a good day for sports photography. The weather was fine, the kids were happy to be back (that wears off with the change in weather!) and the parents keen to see their munchkins busy and getting ready to enter the Premier League (or so they wish). Sadly for me, I was a little out of practice and forgot my spare battery! And that wasn’t all, I also left behind my polariser and my zoom lens… surely it couldn’t get any worse? Oh but it did, I forgot to set my camera to Jpeg so I ended up shooting in raw which isn’t as fast as I wanted it to be … that coupled with my lack of tripod the shooting was rather disappointing. Here’s all I could manage 😦

At least the sport result was a tad better… actually, I’m lying… we lost in both games (5-1 in football and 6-3 in hockey). I can only hope that next week my photos as well as the sport score will show some much needed improvement!


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