Back to the Jungle

This has most certainly been a busy summer. Just when I thought I would chill and enjoy the British sun ‘that’ phone call arrived urging me to go home and going home is exactly what I did. My adorable grandmother is terminally ill and I hopped on the first flight i could.

The journey felt like it was never going to end but when I finally landed in Manaus, in the heart of Brazil’s Amazon state, it seemed like I had never left. Not much had changed over the past 5 years I had been away.

First things first,  went straight home and once settled I did what I like best, I went back to the jungle!

The day was spectacular! We swam with wild fresh water dolphins, visited a local indigenous tribe, cruised by the Meeting of the Waters and generally had a great time enjoying the weather, the people and the wildlife. I can hardly wait to go back.

I love the jungle, the native indigenous people, the weather, the indigenous food and even the mad torrential rain that descends on us on a daily basis.


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